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Business Coaching


  • To help enhance brand & business.

  • Clarify the vision on the behalf of the business.

  • Set personal/ business goals.

  • Formulate the objective.

  • Identify the mission to gather the audience attention

  • Identify the “wants” of the owner.

  • Assist with structuring the entity in a professional manner.


  • Get to know the potential client and address the interest on services offered by JoAnna Ruth LLC.

  • Answer all questions the client may have.

  • Identify the objective within the organization.

  • Formulate the objective.

  • Identify the pain points within the business owner organization. 

EIN and LLC's


(EIN’s and LLC’s ONLY being established within the (United States) Operating as a Third party Service)

EIN: Employer Identification Number

  • An unique number to identify the business entity being established

  • EIN’s help the IRS identify businesses when reporting  taxes

  • EIN’S can be used to hire employees, open business accounts, and establish banking/finance needs.

Limited Liability Companies: Many LLC’s must obtain EIN’s

Important Note:

Owning a LLC you may or may not be able to file your taxes on the behalf of your business. Knowing the number of owners for the business entity, and the actual characteristics on the behalf of the organization allows the IRS to identify the nature of the business that is being established.

(A contract must be signed before moving forward with EIN/LLC Applicants)


  • Connect with the potential client.

  • Gain an understanding on the vision within the business entity.

  • Identify the starting points to enhance the business/organization.

  • Obtain as much as possible about the business.

  • Discover the weakness and recommend solutions. 

Trademark & Service Marks
Blue strip.jpg


  • The ability to secure any word (s), device, symbol, or combination which is adopted and utilized by the business entity.

  • Established to distinguish goods that are being made/sold by another person.

  • Identifying goods made or sold on the behalf of the business entity.



(This service allows JoAnna Ruth to operate as a Third Party Service on the behalf of the client.)

Here’s what’s included:

  • Submitting three examples of only one of the following provided:  product, brand name, logo and quotes being trademarked.

  • Clients must provide three examples per item being trademarked in a secured email.

  • All applications will be submitted on the behalf of the business entity that is seeking trademark/service mark assistance.

  • There is a 30-60 day review process on the behalf of the “state.”

  • There can be a rejection or other requested information needed to delay the process, but doesn’t stop the applicant from moving forward to receive “approval.”

  • If mailing is required all documents will be mailed to the address provided on the behalf of the client. Should further assistance be needed, the client will be responsible for scanning/emailing the document to JoAnna Ruth. Delaying to do so can result in forfeiting the application process, which will result to paying the one-time fee again.


Disclaimer: The one-time fee is to assist throughout the “entire” process of Trademarking.

(A contract must be signed before moving forward with Trademark Applicants)

Business Analysis


Conduct thorough research of the business organization.

  • Provide feedback.

  • Recognize the business needs by conducting a thorough overview.

  • Finding a solution/set task to achieve within the business.

  • Identify the understanding of the business structure.

  • Provide a detailed business analysis plan to help achieve goals that will be set within the business.


Includes content that explains entity, products, and services that's given to the creator of the website  by the client. 

All websites comes with 10 product uploads based on the products given within the time-frame the website is being created only. 

If there is an instance where all product-content isn't ready when the website is being completed there will be an additional $60 inconvenience fee applied to your remaining balance. No exceptions. 

Website-Business Card service includes 200 Business Cards.

(Design and Print.) 

Remaining Balance is due 7 business after our first call. 

Thank you 

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